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Surface Pro 3 To Get Several New Firmware Improvements

Microsoft seems to have prepared a bunch of improvements for its Surface Pro 3 tablet, and the company took time to out to detail upcoming firmware releases. The changelog has been provided ahead of time to aid

Microsoft Promises Final Resolution To Surface Pro 3 WiFi Issues

Redmond seems to have finally nailed an extremely annoying problem. Surface Pro 3 WiFi issues have been nagging users for ever since this deluxe tablet launched. And while there were hints that this problem was fixed this

Slow WiFi Downloads Issue Now Hits The Surface Pro 3

This really is getting old rather fast now. Admittedly, wireless connectivity issues are one of the hardest ones to fix, but the Surface Pro 3 WiFi problem has taken another turn now. For the worse, if you

New Surface Pro 3 Firmware Finally Fixes Limited WiFi Bug

Smack on target, Microsoft have launched a new Surface Pro 3 firmware update. And according to the release notes, this one takes care of the limited WiFi bug once and for all. The problem was reported by

Surface Pro 3 Limited WiFi Connectivity Issue Fixed, Or Is It?

As Microsoft promised on Patch Tuesday, a new fix for Surface Pro 3 tablets has been rolled out, aiming to fix the limited WiFi connectivity issue that is affecting many units. Surface Pro 3 owners can grab

Surface Pro 3 WiFi Fix Released By Microsoft

Word on the grapevine last week was that Microsoft was to preparing a fix for the Surface Pro 3 WiFi issue that has been bugging the tablet owners every time they woke up their slates from sleep.

Surface Pro 3 WiFi Fix Reportedly Coming This Week

The secret is out, folks. Surface Pro 3 suffers from a similar widespread WiFi issue that plagued other tablets in the family. Luckily, Microsoft is on it, and is preparing a fix for this pesky little problem.

Surface Pro 3 Owners Returning Their Tablets Due To WiFi Issues

In a perfect world, this limited WiFi connectivity issue would not even exist. Or it would have been take care of after it was first discovered in the original Surface RT and Pro models. Taken care of,

Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 To Come With Integrated WiGig

As is the case with most other spheres of computing, rapid advancements are also being made in WiFi technologies like the IEE 802.11ad standard, which is commonly referred to as WiGig. This technology makes use of the

Surface Pro 3 WiFi Issues Confirmed By Microsoft

Redmond’s newest tablet has just made its way to the store shelves, with sales having started a couple of weeks back. Sadly, the wide scale launch has also given way to a wide spread problem. It is