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Whoa! A Windows 10 Mobile Phone Appears In The Wild

Or should we say, reappears. Call it a pleasant surprise if you must, but a Windows 10 Mobile phone is back in production. The handset in question is the, now familiar, Wileyfox Pro. This was, if you

Wileyfox Pro Windows 10 Mobile Handset Delayed

And we have another delay! The Wileyfox Pro Windows 10 Mobile has slipped by on its release date, although not by much. It was intended to launch today, December 4. But it seems that the company has

A Wileyfox Windows Phone Is Just Around The Corner

Without doubt the most surprising announcement coming from IFA 2017 was the news that Wileyfox was working on a new Windows phone that is being developed specifically for enterprise customers. In fact, Microsoft is helping the company