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Week In Review (Nov 18 – Nov 22)

Ha, as colorful a week as any in the world of Microsoft. Rumors abound, quotable quotes from Redmond officials aplenty, positive growth sings abundant, the past few days were one of the more flamboyant ones of the

Microsoft Reportedly Looking To Acquire Music Streaming Service Deezer

Licensing and all that legal mumbo jumbo is deep stuff when it comes to digital services. While selling software and apps across the globe is comparatively straightforward, books, movies and music have that extra bit of baggage.

Rumor Says Microsoft Wants To Buy Winamp

So this happened. In what is truly the end of an era, AOL recently announced that it would be discontinuing Winamp on December 20, 2013. Winamp, along with Sonique, was one of the two most popular MP3