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Week In Review (Apr 7 – Apr 11)

The week after high-profile events are usually humdrum. This was anything but. The Microsoft story hit two important milestones right after BUILD 2014 concluded. Windows XP reached end of support the same day when Windows 8.1 Update

IDC: Windows 8.1 Quite Unlikely To Uplift The PC Market

Oh boy, that did not take long at all. While one would guess that after the release of Windows 8, most would have understood that a single software product can rarely save a whole industry. And that

Microsoft: Windows 8.1 Is Designed To Help Users Upgrade From Windows XP

According to the latest statistics provided by market research firm Net Applications, Windows XP is currently powering 37.13 percent of computers the world over. These numbers put the classic operating system as the second most popular in