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Microsoft Loses 12 Cents On Every Windows Phone Sold

No one ever said that the mobile market was an easy fish to fry. Microsoft is learning this first hand, as both Google and Apple continue to make steady progress in this highly competitive arena. Sure, it

Lara Croft Endless Runner Coming To Windows Phone

If there’s one gaming genre defined by the mobile revolution, it’s endless runner. Several hit titles are available, and now we can add a Lara Croft endless runner into the mix. The folks over at Crystal Dynamics

All Windows Phone 8.1 Versions Eligible For Windows 10

Some timely confirmation from Microsoft. The company recently revealed that all Windows Phone 8.1 versions will directly be able to upgrade to Windows 10 for Phones once the new OS launches. In fact, the next version of

Microsoft Removes Tetra Lockscreen App From The Store

Make room for another unexpected move. Along with announcing the Surface 3 tablet, Microsoft has removed the Tetra Lockscreen app from the Windows Phone Store. Yes, the very customization application that launched this past October. The work

Microsoft Opening A $1.1 Billion Data Center In Iowa

Been a while since we’ve had some movement on the Microsoft data centers front. The company is currently working on opening a massive new one in the American state of Iowa. At the southeast corner of West

Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 Overheating Issues Reportedly Fixed

The mobile world can collectively let off a sigh of relief. Qualcomm has apparently fixed the overheating issues with their Snapdragon 810 chipset, if reports are to be believed. Sure, the company never officially confirmed that these

Microsoft Preparing Another 4-Inch Windows Phone

Redmond seems to have found a sweet spot with the 4-inch Windows Phone idea when it comes to pricing, and the company is reportedly readying another such device. Word is that a new handset has been spotted,