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Microsoft To Launch An Android Phone?

One door closes, another one opens? An unlikeliest of rumors has been doing the rounds lately, claiming that Microsoft is gearing up to launch an Android phone. This talk came right around we got an official confirmation

Microsoft Will Not Launch A Surface Phone

It’s official, folks. Microsoft has finally confirmed that the highly anticipated Surface Phone will never become a reality, as the company now prefers focusing on entirely new form factors. This has been revealed by Panos Panay himself,

Windows Phone Market Share Hits Rock Bottom

The fine folks over at Kantar, a market research firm, have revealed their latest monthly mobile figures. And the Windows Phone market share numbers paint a sorry picture. Unsurprisingly. Android and iOS are currently dominating the market,

Microsoft Just Sold Its Last Windows Phone

It’s done. Microsoft is all out of Windows Phone powered handsets, with the very last units the company had in stock recently being sold. Meaning, these devices are now only available at retailers. That is, if you

Microsoft Executive Hints At Surface Phone

Even though Microsoft has been quite cryptic about the Surface Phone as a whole, we do occasionally get comments from company officials, as well as the odd patent detail that reveal what’s cooking. So much so that

Starbucks App Abandons Windows Phone

The end is near! The official Starbucks app took a while to come to Windows Phone. But it did so with appropriate fanfare upon launch, and was very well received. However, the company has decided that now

Trekstor Windows Phone Fails Miserably

The crowdfunding campaign, that is to say. Trekstor has once again proven that crowdfunding is not the way to go when it comes to launching a Windows Phone. The Germany company has admitted that the device isn’t

Barclays Abandons Windows Phone

Wonder what took them so long! Financial apps usually are quick to leave the Windows Phone platform, but Barclays remained one of the last banks still supporting Microsoft’s mobile OS. Not anymore. Since few companies have any

Microsoft Hints At A Foldable Surface Phone

This thing is picking up steam! Microsoft has dropped a clear reference to the Surface Phone, hinting at a new mobile device in an official app. Microsoft Journal has been referenced in the Whiteboard app. We already

Kik Messenger Disappears

Kicked? Things just got a little worse for Microsoft’s under fire mobile OS, as another top messaging app has left the Windows Phone platform. Kik Messenger has been pulled for Windows 10 Mobile. Just like that —