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Google Chrome For Windows 10 On ARM Incoming?

Well, well, what have we here! Collaboration! It seems that Microsoft, Google and Qualcomm are all working together to bring the Chrome web browser to Windows 10 on ARM computers. Microsoft’s operating system is catching up fast

Always Connected PCs Will Amaze You, Microsoft Promises

First generation hardware is always special, in how no one really gets it right. This is what happened with the Always Connected PCs that have made their way to the store shelves recently. These first Windows 10

Looks Like Windows 10 On ARM PCs Are Not That Great

Windows 10 on ARM PCs are here. Or as Microsoft likes to call the, Always Connected PCs. And well, from the first reviews, it appears that these devices are not exactly what you would call great. They’re

First Windows 10 ARM Devices Coming In Hot

The arrival. It is very occasionally do we hear about Windows 10 on ARM devices, but Microsoft has been confident that these machines will be on the store shelves soon. The software titan, when first announcing this