Windows 10 Pro for Workstations Archive

Lenovo Unveils New ThinkStation, ThinkPad Workstation PCs

Lenovo is back with their particular brand of magic! The company has just made official new ThinkStation and ThinkPad workstation PCs, with three new models seeing daylight. The trio goes by the names of ThinkStation P520, ThinkStation

Microsoft May Raise Windows 10 Prices

Don’t look now, but it appears that Microsoft is looking to introduce a price hike for certain versions of its operating system. Basically, Windows 10 prices for some SKUs are in line for a revision. This has

ReFS File System Support Removed From Windows 10 Pro

Expected? You tell. It looks like Microsoft is removing support for its next generation file system, ReFS, in Windows 10. And instead, the company will leave it in two other variants of its OS. Windows 10 Enterprise