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Switching From Windows 10 S To Pro Now Free Until 2018

Or more specifically, March 31, 2018. Microsoft made a generous offer to buyers of the Windows 10 S powered Surface Laptop, in announcing that they will be able to switch to Windows 10 Pro for free. Till

ReFS File System Support Removed From Windows 10 Pro

Expected? You tell. It looks like Microsoft is removing support for its next generation file system, ReFS, in Windows 10. And instead, the company will leave it in two other variants of its OS. Windows 10 Enterprise

Don’t Uninstall The OneDrive Client On Windows 10 S

Like ever ever! Want to uninstall the OneDrive client on Windows 10 S? Do know that this is a one-way trip. A bit like that Hotel California song, you can check out anytime you like, but you