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Guess Who Cancelled The Windows 7 Tablet Project

Señor Steven Sinofsky, that’s who. The man of the moment hasn’t left the news since his departure as Windows boss. A report by ExtremeTech on the former executive claims that Microsoft actually wanted to develop a Windows

Windows 8 has less pre-release users than Windows 7 did- Does it matter?

Yesterday I spoke a little about the survey that allegedly claims most users prefer Windows 7 over Windows 8- even though most of these users haven’t even used Microsoft’s upcoming operating system. Today new drama is being

Will The Sheer Amount Of Windows 8 Tablet Options Confuse Consumers?

According to recent news, it seems that the floodgates will not only open for tablets at the end of this year, but they will likely drown us all with the sheer number of Windows 8 RT-based devices.

Windows 8 Tablet/Netbook Review – Dell Inspiron Mini Duo

Some of us out there want a portable solution, but aren’t sure if we are better suited for a tablet or netbook. I mean, touch-tablets are more convenient and easier to use but it some aspects they

Fingers crossed – I just bought a Windows 8 upgradeable tablet

So I took the plunge. I jumped right in. I wanted to inform you of a red hot deal that I myself just took advantage of at the Microsoft store. Microsoft are selling the EXOPC Windows 7

Will Windows 7 Tablets Be Discounted When Windows 8 Arrives On Scene?

Most of you out there that are interested in Windows 8 tablets are likely considering a new machine that runs an ARM processor. ARM isn’t as fast as x86 but it has better battery life and doesn’t