Windows 8.1 August Update Archive

Microsoft Takes Down Windows 8.1 August Update Download Links

And asks users to uninstall this new update, while at it. This has been reflected in an updated advisory on Microsoft Support, with the company confirming that four different updates have been removed. Although no reasons was

Windows 8.1 August Update Causes Black Screen At Boot

For some PCs, at least. Windows 8.1 August Update launched last week, with appropriate fanfare, and even though it seemed that everything worked fine, some issues have been reported. Pretty serious issues — a number of computers

Windows 8.1 August Update Comes With A Huge List Of Bug Fixes

The newest refresh of Microsoft’s latest OS may be low on features, or at least big features, but it appears that the company has used the opportunity to quash a lot of bugs. This new pack of

Internet Explorer 11 Also Gets Some New Performance Optimizations

Previously rumored either as Windows 8.1 Update 2, even Windows 8.2, the August Update for Windows 8.1 is here, and flying onto desktops, notebooks and tablets as of this writing. However, for one odd reason or another,

Windows 8.1 August Update Brings Another New Modern UI Feature

Nothing earth shattering, but just something that inches the Modern UI closer to the traditional desktop environment in terms of feature sets and all that. A simple new addition. This probably is how Microsoft will keep its

Windows 8.1 August Update Bug Keeps The Taskbar Always On Top

Here’s an unexpected surprise! Microsoft started shipping the newest refresh of its latest operating system, in the form of Windows 8.1 August Update, but it appears a bug slipped in. Nothing that nasty, but this bug simply

Here Are All The New Features Of Windows 8.1 August Update

Windows 8.1 August Update is here, and although it does not bring along any big new feature, or improvements for end users, it still comes with a bunch of new enhancements. Previous reports hinted that this new

You Can Now Download Windows 8.1 August Update

Well, the big day is here, folks. Relatively speaking. Microsoft have just released the newest refresh for its latest operating system, and you can now download Windows 8.1 August Update. In terms of features, it does not

Where, Oh Where, Is The Windows 8.1 August Update Leak?

Microsoft will finally unveil the Windows 8.1 August Update tomorrow, as part of the renamed Updated Tuesday release cycle, but early leaked builds are missing from the picture. More specifically, a Windows 8.1 August Update leak. No

Microsoft Officially Announces Windows 8.1 August Update

Well, that was lethal. After months and months of enthusiastic rumors and wild speculation, we now have official confirmation that Microsoft will be launching an update this month. It goes by the name of the August Update,