Windows 8 Aero Archive

WindowBlinds 8 Brings Back Aero In Windows 8

Stardock has carved out a name for itself when it comes to UI customization on the Windows platform. Its WindowBlinds software in particular has enjoyed great success over the years. The program offered users of Windows XP

How Would You Like The Glassy Aero Look Back In Windows 8 Desktop?

The Aero interface that came with Windows Vista and Windows 7 was a defining look for the past two version of the Windows operating system. Windows 8, obviously, moved far away from Aero UI. A large portion

Petition Underway Asking Microsoft To Bring Back Aero For Windows 8

The Aero user interface (yeah, the glassy one from Windows 7) had an interesting end. Months before the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft ripped it off by confirming that they had moved beyond it. In fact, Redmond

Windows 8: Animation Considerations

You and I know that Microsoft constantly innovate to come up with better solutions to existing products. Metro touchscreen interface is yet another effort by Microsoft to prove that Windows 8 has a better and optimized GUI

Windows 8: Building applications for Metro UI

Microsoft released Windows 8 Developer Preview with the sole intention of introducing developers with the tools and techniques needed to develop applications for Metro UI. So far, Microsoft has only discussed about using Visual Studio Express to

Windows 8 will offer native support for 3d monitors

So this is a very cool development. It’s being reported that Windows 8 will support 3d monitors natively. Now this to me is a very big deal because in conjunction with the Kinect or Kinect 2, this

Windows 8 webcam capture features

There might also be a “Webcam Capture Application.” The new application appears to use Microsoft’s Metro UI: There aren’t many details (obviously) right now but there is some indication that this may be coming.. Source

Windows 8 aero change functionality for Windows 7 and Windows XP

One of Windows 8’s new features will be the ability of Aero Glass to automatically adapt to the colour of your desktop background, but if you can’t wait for its release then you can get similar functionality

Aero Auto Configuration – New Windows 8 Feature

Paul Thurrott is reporting that a new feature in Windows 8 will be the ability to have aero elements automatically configure their colors. Quote: To make this change, you visit the Personalization interface, which is basically unchanged