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App Watch: Dictionary

The title of this app may not be the most inspired or creative one around, but it takes nothing away from the very impressive feature set Dictionary for Windows 8 has to offer. In simpler terms, this

So regarding my interview with Adam Hartung

So regarding my interview with Adam Hartung. The response to this article has been fantastic. A lot of people have emailed me saying that they absolutely agree with almost everything he has to say. Some very prominent

Windows RT versus Windows 8: Is RT Worthwhile?

We hear it time and time again, Windows RT isn’t doing all that great, largely because people can buy ATOM-based Windows 8 devices for the same price. With ARM, you only get Windows Store apps and the

How Windows 8 SAP applications are a blueprint for Windows 8 enterprise success

The 4 major reasons why Windows 8 didn’t fly off the shelves during the holidays

Paul Thurrott wrote a pretty impressive piece on his Supersite giving a very compelling theory about why Windows 8 has sold poorly over the previous holiday season. In a beautifully written piece called “Explaining Windows 8 PC

This is how Best Buy is handling the Microsoft Surface

Yesterday I went to Best Buy in Sylmar with a friend of mine. She had to take back something and I wanted to look at the Microsoft Surface. Getting there, I go to the PC area (because

My Open Letter to Julie Larson-Green: 4 simple changes you need to make to "fix" Windows 8

Mrs. Larson-Green, As we all know, Steven Sinofsky is gone. The torch has officially been passed from Mr. Sinofsky to you, Steve Ballmer and Tami Reller. As a Microsoft Corporate Vice President, responsible for Program Management of

Spotify Continuing to Expand, Also Working on Windows Phone 8 App

With Microsoft’s recent release of its new streaming music/video service, Xbox Music and Video, the streaming music world is becoming awfully crowded. While it remains to be seen how well Microsoft will do in this space, we

In light of Mr Sinofsky’s departure, Microsoft has the following challenges

I was out with my son last night when my cousin sent me a text message saying “Holy Cow – Sinofsky’s gone!”. CRAZY. The President of Microsoft’s Windows division has moved on barely 2 + weeks after

The two clear and present barriers to Windows Phone adoption

Paul Thurrott wrote a very good piece on his site called “And the Biggest Barrier to Windows Phone Acceptance Is…”. In that article, he talks about some of the reasons he thinks that the Windows Phone platform