Windows 8 application Archive

The new DropBox Modern UI app is here

Dropbox now has an official Windows 8 application in the Windows Store for you to download. The application allows you to browse and preview all your files associated with your account and you can also share any

Wrestling fans – WWE is coming to Windows 8

I saw this on Neowin and thought it was pretty funny. The WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment, formerly the WWF) have released an app in the Windows  Store. It offers news, previews and information about upcoming events in

Windows 8 – App Highlight: Wikipedia

  I don’t know about you, but I spend a ridiculous amount of time looking things up in Wikipedia. While many schools and colleges don’t allow you to use it as a source, I still can’t imagine

Windows 8 App Highlight: Gaana

A lot of apps have been added to the Windows Store since the Release preview launch. I really love the metro apps but there was one thing which was constantly turning me to the desktop browser and

Windows 8 – App Highlight: Cut The Rope

When I first started looking around the Marketplace for the first time, I admit it seemed like there weren’t enough really solid and enjoyable apps. Of course I reminded myself this is just a preview, not a

Windows 8 Blue Poison

Windows 8 Italia have released a third party application for those interested in Windows 8 called Windows 8 Blue Poison. This tweak unlocks the Ribbon , the Modern Reader , the new Task Manager and the webcam application.