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New Windows 8 Apps: Urbanspoon, Flixster, Windows Phone 8 Companion

It seems that every time I turn around Microsoft’s Windows Store jumps up another thousand or two in the app department. We now have roughly 9,000 worldwide apps via the Windows Store for those using Windows 8

Which Apps Should You Grab with Your New Copy of Windows 8?

So you’ve just fired up your fresh upgrade to Windows 8 or perhaps you ran out and bought a brand new Windows 8/RT device. What now? While there aren’t nearly as many apps in Windows 8 as

Microsoft invest in App Search engine Mimvi

Microsoft invested (an unspecified amount) in Mimvi on Tuesday, a move intended to improve its app discovery capabilities for Windows Phone 8. In return, Mimvi will develop a number of products and services to complement the Windows

The First Public Sector Windows 8 application is here

It seems the first public sector application has been developed for the Windows Store. The app is called Bay County Tax Collector and it’s made specifically for the Bay County, Florida tax office. The app is designed to

New substitute for the name "Metro".. *sigh*

Superwoman Mary Jo Foley has gotten a little more clarity about what Microsoft plan to use to replace the word “Metro” in their marketing material going forward. You probably have heard of the marketing brouhaha about the

Windows 8 Tip: Uninstalling Metro apps

With Windows 8, Microsoft introduced a new category of apps called the Metro apps. Microsoft also introduced Windows Store from where these apps can be installed. But what if you installed a Metro app and the app

Windows 8 – App Highlight: TuneIn

  In March I focused on plenty of great Windows 8 apps for Metro, but the fact is that the app scene has evolved quite a bit since then. During the month of March I talked about

Windows 8 – App Highlight: StumbleUpon and Shufflr

The apps in Windows 8 Metro have evolved quite a bit since we first saw them in the Windows Store with the Consumer Preview and there is now quite a fair-sized library of apps, some big name

Windows 8 – App Highlight: Three New Bing Apps

Windows 8 Release Preview is now out and with it we see a very similar OS to what we saw last time, though it is admittedly a bit more refined in its design. While Aero is still

Windows 8 – App Highlight: Musix Match

How many times have you had a song stuck in your head and wanted to know the lyrics, but all you can remember is the same verse that plays over and over (and over) again in your