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Twitter App Gets Bugs Fixed, Back In The Windows Store

All is well with the (Windows 8) world, then. A buggy build of the Twitter app in the Windows Store that was recently taken down seems to be back in business with a new fixed version. News

Twitter App Reportedly Taken Out Of The Windows Store

The Twitter app for Windows 8 was recently released to lukewarm response. While most users praised the application for delivering on a lot of important features, the design left a bit to be desired. But that was

Users Keep Criticizing Microsoft For Messenger Shutdown

The moment of truth for Messenger users is fast incoming. Microsoft will initiate the Windows Live Messenger shutdown next week, with the hope of seeing most users making the transition to Skype. In fact, the humongous user

Windows 8 Coding Marathon Brings Together 10,000 Students

Redmond’s officially started an AppFest coding marathon in India, this time with a goal to bring together ten thousand students from all across the country for an extended coding session. Late last week we reported that Microsoft

Skype For Windows 8 Updated To Version 1.5, Adds Several New Features

Microsoft earlier today introduced a new version of its ever popular Skype client for Windows 8, bringing in several changes bringing the app closer to its desktop counterpart. One of the most requested features makes the cut

Microsoft Will Start Phasing Out Windows Live Messenger On April 8

Redmond has outlined its plan to start the shutdown of its Windows Live Messenger service. The phased retirement will officially begin on April 8, and the desktop version will be the first to go. Requiescat in pace,