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What If: Surface RT Did Not Take The ARM Route?

With the looming arrival of Surface with Windows 8 Pro tablet, the Surface RT has had ample time in the sunshine to finally be judged. Latest estimates put Surface RT sales number at 1 million units (since

Microsoft talks about the Windows 8 Touch keyboard – Video

In a new post on the Microsoft Windows 8 development blog, Microsoft explain some of the thinking behind their enhanced “on-screen keyboards” in Windows 8. With Windows 8, Microsoft started fresh and took a “first principles” approach

Microsoft discuss the process of efficiently updating live tiles

Microsoft have written another post on their Windows 8 development blog. This one deals with process of efficiently updating live tiles. You can read it in full here. Microsoft’s problem is that if you add a large number

ARM reveal their new 64 bit architecture for Windows 8

ARM have finally realeased new details about their upcoming 64 bit ARMv8 architecture at the ARM TechCon conference in Santa Clara. This is ARM’s first foray into 64 bit territory. The new 64-bit chips include two main

Will Adobe’s Flash Have a Future on the Web?

Microsoft recently announced at the BUILD conference that Internet Explorer 10 in the Metro interface will not support plugins. This means that Internet Explorer won’t support Flash. Gasp!But does this come as a big surprise to you? I

Geolocation Services may exist in Windows 8

The use of API’s that allow applications to detect a machine’s location (Geo-location) seems to have interested Microsoft. Code from the latest leaked build of Windows 8 seems to show that this may be a feature implemented

Just what is 128 bit processing anyway for Windows 8?

So there has been a lot of hoopla about 128 bit processing for Windows 8. There has also been speculation that it’s all BS and isnt going to happen. Just what is 128 bit processing anyway? Wikipedia