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What I’m looking for in the Windows 8 Beta

As we race right into 2012, I’m starting to get excited about the prospect of testing the Windows 8 Beta. I’m looking for very specific things in this latest release of Microsoft’s new Operating system. First, I

Laplink Is Releasing A Free Migration Tool For Windows 8 Beta

While there have been mixed opinions regarding Windows Developer Preview, I honestly can say that I’ve found it a relatively stable (if not a little boring) test build. While Metro isn’t really worth a lot of time

New screenshots leak from the Windows 8 Beta

Some new Windows 8 screenshots have emerged from Win8China. These screenshots allegedly show changes to the installation process of Windows 8 that have been made in the Windows 8 beta builds. Microsoft also appear to have streamlined

Windows 8’s New Music Player, Is It Enough?

When it comes to Windows 8, one of the largest focuses is clearly around the Metro interface. Metro receives a lot of attention for a few key reasons, first of all because it’s a dramatic change from

Microsoft confirm Windows 8 Beta will be released in Late February 2012

Microsoft have in effect confirmed the Windows 8 Beta release date. Today in San Francisco, they confirmed that the Windows 8 Beta will indeed be released in February of 2012. To put this in context, it was

Windows 8 Beta Coming In February

For those of us that have actively used Windows Developer Preview, we’ve come to find some features of Windows 8 (such as speed of startup) refreshing and worth messing around with the pre-BETA. Other features like Metro

The evolution of the Windows 8 Login screen

The website Winunleaked released a series of screenshots showing the Windows 8 login screens from M3 to the most current pre-beta. As Tom Warren at points out, they do seem to be getting progressively darker. I

How do you test a Windows 8 Beta without a tablet?

So one of the most interesting things about the upcoming Windows 8 Beta that we’re expecting this January (hopefully at or close to the time of CES 2012) is the fact that Windows 8 is also a

New Windows 8 pre-beta screenshots

So this falls under the “alleged” category. This weekend, screen shots from an “alleged” copy of Windows 8 pre-beta leaked all over the interwebs. The pictures come from the website winunleaked and they appear to show advanced customization features. It appears that Microsoft will

Your feedback about what you want to see in Windows 8 Beta

So I had asked you guys and girls for your comments regarding Windows 8 and what you wanted to see and a lot of the comments are in already. You can see them here. A lot of