Windows 8 Beta Archive

ATI and Nvidia both release new Windows 8 beta drivers

Are you interested in Windows 8 but afraid to make the jump because of potential gaming issues? For many gamers, it makes sense to stick with the same OS on their gaming rig for as long as

Microsoft details Flash support in IE 10

A few weeks ago, Microsoft launched Windows 8 Release Preview. One of the improvements in Release Preview from Consumer Preview was the support of flash in IE10. Now, Microsoft have come up with a detailed post on

Guide: Installing Metro Apps from the Store in Windows 8

With Windows 8, Microsoft announced a new category of app, which they named Metro. These apps are full screen, “fast and fluid”. They also consume very less memory in comparison to their desktop counterparts. With the introduction of these

New icons for Skydrive and Sports app Revealed

During the Microsoft Surface tablet launch, Microsoft accidentally revealed the new Sky drive and Sports app icons. Click here for Larger version of the image As you can see in the above image, Skydrive, Sports and the Windows App Store has

Guide: Switching from a Local account to a Microsoft Account in Windows 8(Video)

With Windows 8, Microsoft added a new way of signing into your PC i.e signing in with your Microsoft account. There are several benefits of using a Microsoft(Earlier Windows Live) account to sign in to your windows PC. All

Microsoft details People App in Windows 8

Microsoft just posted a new blog post on the Building Windows 8 blog, explaining more about the new People app in Windows 8. The new People app brings a user’s email and social contacts to the cloud. People App

Guide: Installing Media Center in Windows 8 Release Preview(Video)

If you have installed Windows 8 Release Preview, you must have noticed that it does not come pre-installed with Media center. Well, don’t worry. Just follow the instructions given in the video to install Media center. Would

A Look At Just Some Differences Between Windows 8 Release Preview And Consumer Preview

Windows 8 Release Preview is finally here, and so far it seems about the same as what we saw at the Consumer Preview stage. Is that a good or bad thing? That really will depend on what

Windows 8 Release Preview scheduled for release tomorrow?

Nice catch from TheNextWeb. They were able to catch the following post (below) on a Microsoft blog from Vice President on the Windows Development team, Chuck Chan. He was touting the release of the Windows 8 Release

New leaked Windows 8 Release Preview Video

Winbeta have put together a YouTube video showing the Windows 8 Release Preview from a leaked Chinese build. This build has some some of the apps in Chinese and some in English.