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The evolution of the Windows 8 Login screen

The website Winunleaked released a series of screenshots showing the Windows 8 login screens from M3 to the most current pre-beta. As Tom Warren at points out, they do seem to be getting progressively darker. I

Newest Windows 8 build allegedly 8156.0.winmain.111116-1900

Based on news from the MDL forums, Microsoft Windows 8 is currently rumored to be at build 8156. The most recent builds allegedly include: 8153.0.winmain.111110-1848 8154.0.winmain.111111-1830 8155.0.winmain.111114-1813 8156.0.winmain.111116-1900 The latest build was allegedly completed on the 16th

Windows Media Center will be in Windows 8 but….

In a new blog post on the Windows 8 development blog, Microsoft have confirmed that Windows Media Center will be included in Windows 8 but with a few caveats. Some choice quotes: While not a central topic