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Windows 8 Charms


The Settings Charm

This charm provides you access to system-wide as well as application-specific settings. It can be used for both, metro and desktop apps. How to Invoke It Summon…


The Devices Charm

This charm is used to send/share data to the peripheral devices connected to your system. A peripheral device may be a secondary monitor of a…


The Start Charm

This is the simplest and the least “charming” of all. It simply toggles your current screen and the Start Screen. How to Invoke It Summon the Charms…


The Share Charm

This charm enables an application to share its content to another application. However, its function is not as simple as it seems. The charm of…


The Search Charm

As evident from the name, this charm lets you search anything on your system. How to Invoke It Summon the Charms Bar, and select the “Search” button. OR Simply…


The Charms Bar

One of the biggest change (and, perhaps, uncomfortable to many) in…