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7 terrific improvements in Windows 8

The wait is finally over for all technology enthusiasts. Windows 8 has been launched and we are dying to know what it has to offer. In this article, I’ll share 7 terrific improvements that Windows 8 brings

Windows 8- The App Store

Windows 8- The App Store Microsoft, through Windows 8 has come up with a very innovative way of introducing the long awaited app store. We are well aware of the ‘app store’ concept from Apple. Microsoft has

Windows 8 in the Tablet market

It is certain that Microsoft have arrived in the tablet market following the successful footsteps of their competitors Apple. Microsoft brings their latest operating platform, Windows 8 to life in tablet form. The hardware distributors will probably

Windows 8: The all new Windows Explorer

Windows 8: The all-new Windows Explorer Windows explorer is one of the most fundamental tools that has undergone several changes since the first version of Windows was released. It is one of the most widely used desktop

Windows 8: Windows To Go feature

How often do you feel that you should be able to install Windows 8 from a source other than CD or ISO files? How would you like to install Windows 8 while roaming in a mobile manner?

Windows 8 on Virtual Box

Before installing Windows 8 on an actual machine, it would be beneficial for testing purposes to install Windows 8 in a virtual environment just to get a first-hand feel of the operating system. In our case, we

Windows 8 Concept Screenshots by Farhood Kankash Part 3

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Windows 8 Concept Screenshots by Farhood Kankash Part 1

Farhood Kankash has some really great ideas and created a very clean and colorful concept. He clearly has put a lot of work into conceptualizing what Windows 8 might look like and the detail of some of