Windows 8 Control Panel Archive

Fax, Scan and Print in Windows 8

Printing and scanning documents are regular activities for an office employee, or maybe even a home user. Even Fax hasn’t become extinct yet. I remember myself running across a street to frantically find a cyber café with

Windows 8 – Network and Internet – Internet Options

Internet Explorer, the internet browser built in Windows, is one huge beast. It has innumerable configuration options through which you can tweak the internals of this browser. All these configurations come packed in this applet. How to

Windows 8 – System and Security – Administrative Tools

This applet is solely for advanced users, who know to meddle with the system safely – typically the administrators. It lists all the advanced system tools with the help of which, you can tweak and modify the

Windows 8 – User Accounts and Family Safety – Credential Manager

All the computer users have one thing in common – remembering lots of credentials. There are several websites that you access daily, like, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc. Besides that, you have your Microsoft Account or Live

Windows 8 – Appearance and Personalization – Display

This applet lets you manage your display settings like screen resolution, text size, display size, secondary screens, etc. How to Launch It Open the traditional Control Panel through the Start Screen or using the Run Windows command

Windows 8 – Clock, Language and Region – Language

Windows provides a plethora of languages to people who might not be comfortable with the default English language. You can customize your OS to use one or more languages using this applet. How to Launch It Open

Windows 8 – Appearance and Personalization – Folder Options

This applet gives you a refined control over the appearance of Windows Explorer. Through this applet, you can significantly improve your efficiency of browsing the file system of your machine by customizing minute details of Windows Explorer.

Windows 8 System and Security – File History Applet

Suppose that you made several changes to a crucial document – let’s say that you deleted a good portion of the document deeming it unnecessary. But, today you realize that the deleted part was, indeed, an important

Windows 8 – Network and Sharing Center – HomeGroup

Microsoft introduced HomeGroup in Windows 7 to enable easy sharing of data and devices across the network. Two computers within a HomeGroup can directly access the shared data and devices connected to them. So, you need not

Windows 8 Appearance and Personalization – Personalization

This applet lets you customize the overall look of your Windows 8 system. You can change various aspect of the system, like, the window colors, background picture, screen saver, sound themes, etc. How to Launch It Open