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Windows 8 on ARM – Microsoft clarify

Microsoft have released a MAJOR post attempting to clarify their stance on Windows 8 on the ARM platform. The post is from their Windows 8 Development Blog. Some highlights.. Windows on ARM, or WOA, is a new

Windows Media Center will be in Windows 8 but….

In a new blog post on the Windows 8 development blog, Microsoft have confirmed that Windows Media Center will be included in Windows 8 but with a few caveats. Some choice quotes: While not a central topic

New Windows 8 Video – Accessing data in ISO and VHD files

I swear, Microsoft are keeping the good stuff coming. A new Windows 8 article and video have been released showing how Windows 8 will handle ISO and VHD files. Some relevant quotes: So how does this work

Microsoft reveal Windows 8 Explorer changes

Microsoft have released a new video and this time they are talking about upcoming changes being made to the Windows Explorer functionality… They set out some new goals for this version of Explorer: Optimize Explorer for file

New Windows 8 Build – 8059.winmain.110729-1857

Microsoft just released a new video where they go over in detail all the new changes to the Windows Explorer. While I’ll get to that later, there was something pretty interesting in the video. The presenter reveals his

Is this a prototype for a Windows 8 tablet we will see at BUILD?

At this week’s Tech Ed New Zealand show, Microsoft officials showed off some new devices. One in particular has raised interest levels — an unnamed quad-core Windows slate. unnamed quad-core Windows 8 slate – 2 Could Microsoft

Will Microsoft give out Windows 8 demo tablets at BUILD?

So there has been a lot of speculation about Microsoft giving out a software preview of Windows 8 at or around the BUILD conference. Fair enough. Most of the speculation has been about when will the demo

No Windows 8 Community Technical Preview from WPC 2011

It seems like there will be no Windows 8 CTP build offered to developers. The Windows 8 CTP or Community Technical Preview was something that the Windows 8 community was hoping would be offered at WPC 2011.

Download Windows 8 CTP (Community Technical Preview) here

There is a slim chance that Microsoft may release the Windows 8 CTP or Windows 8 Community Technical Preview in a few days. They may do it at the WWPC (World Wide Partner Conference) happening in Los

Microsoft may release Windows 8 CTP next week

There is a slight chance that Microsoft might release an early build of Windows 8 to the technical community next week. Next week, Microsoft is holding its Worldwide Partner Conference from July 11 through July 14. Reliable