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How to Install Windows 8 on a Virtual Machine

Now that Windows 8 has been out for a while, those who took a wait-and-see attitude when Microsoft released the operating system back in October 2012 may feel it’s time to test the newest version of Windows

Most New Computer Buyers Still Choosing Windows 7 Over Windows 8

Now this is one thing Microsoft would be hoping to reverse. And I mean really hoping to reverse. Redmond may have expected to see Windows 8 quickly become the public choice number one for those who purchase

Understanding the Nuts and Bolts of Windows 8 Deployment

Deploying Windows 8 in the enterprise will be more challenging than prior versions because there are more form factors involved and new types of applications (apps) to consider. There are also virtualization options and Windows To Go

The Nuts and Bolts of Windows 8 Deployment

This article draws from the work of the very skilled Alex de Jong, who has some really great graphics that give deeper insights into the nitty-gritty of Windows 8 deployment.  There are three areas to be discussed

Windows XP Records A Drastic Drop In One Week, Windows 8 On The Rise

Seems like Microsoft’s advertising efforts are finally starting to bring in the pay off. Latest statistics reveal that more and more users are reportedly making the switch to Windows 8. Even better, Windows XP saw a large

Finding the Best Approach to Deploying Windows 8

While more than a few organizations have passed on deploying Windows 8 for various reasons, there are many others who are planning to deploy Windows 8 in some form. For the IT organizations in these companies, one

Businesses Still Reluctant To Move Away From Windows XP

Even though it is 11 years old, good old Windows XP is still the second most popular OS in the world. And while Microsoft has begun encouraging Windows XP users to upgrade to a newer version of

Microsoft Scores Huge Contract With US Department of Defense

Well, it seems Microsoft is getting off to a great year with news of a massive contract awarded to it by the U.S Department of Defense.  The 3-year deal will be worth $617 million and involve the

Enterprise Use Cases for BYOD and Windows To Go

Bring your own device (BYOD) is a fast-spreading practice most IT managers have not only heard of, but are actively coming to grips with.  It has been driven in part by the availability of powerful smartphones and

Exploring Windows 8 Adoption Decisions in the Enterprise

This has been a busy year for IT managers. New technologies have become available at an increasing pace while economic uncertainty has made technology adoption decisions more critical. For those managing existing Windows-based IT infrastructure or considering