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Windows 8 Server Review

Cloud computing is the new age paradigm being adopted by almost all IT installations. Organizations are increasingly focused on building applications that can be deployed either on premises or on cloud. Windows server 8 is an optimized

Windows 8 can be deployed with SCCM 2012?

Got to love the web. One of the loose ends that is too early to tie up at this point is umm, this is all good but how the heck will all this be deployed? Time will

Windows 8 on Virtual Box

Before installing Windows 8 on an actual machine, it would be beneficial for testing purposes to install Windows 8 in a virtual environment just to get a first-hand feel of the operating system. In our case, we

Why even a half decent Windows 8 tablet would rule the Enterprise

If I was a CEO, CTO or CIO and I had to make decision about what tablets to buy for our organization, what would I choose? If the question was asked today, in August, the answer would

What will Windows 8 bring to ERP systems?

As we march down the road to Windows 8, it’s probably important to start talking about how this new Operating System is going to affect an area I’m quite familiar with – ERP. What is ERP? Well

Evaluating the ROI for deploying Windows 8 – Part 1

Windows 8 is coming next year and businesses need to start thinking about evaluating the Return On Investment (ROI) that they will get for moving to this new Operating System. This is the first in a series

Windows 8 Deployment

Welcome to the Windows 8 deployment page. By Windows 8 deployment, we mean the actual process of performing multiple installations of Windows 8 across multiple computers. Like Windows 7, we anticipate that Windows 8 will have multiple