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Some Particularly Annoying Quirks In Windows Developer Preview

Windows 8 has been available to early adopters like me since September, allowing us to grow with the Windows 8 experience and learn its ins and outs. Personally, I have had WDP on my machine for about

Windows Embedded v.Next Developer Preview Coming in January

A lot of attention has been focused on Windows 8 and even the upcoming revision of Windows Phone, but these aren’t the only operating systems that Redmond is cooking up. In early 2012 we are expecting Windows

Windows 8 Bugs

For a developer preview, I think Windows 8 doesn’t have that many bugs. I mean, it could be a lot worse; the operating system could crash every time I try to run a certain app, or WiFi

How to install Windows 8 Developer Preview

I know how excited you are to try the new Windows 8 released by Microsoft. Microsoft released the Windows 8 Developer Preview for all its enthusiasts and it is free to try. The final release of Windows

Why did Microsoft Make the Windows 8 Developer Preview Free?

Hundreds of thousands of people were amazed to find out that Microsoft released the Windows 8 developer preview completely free to everyone who wanted a copy. People who weren’t Microsoft developers wouldn’t have to use shadier methods

A Look into the Windows 8 Developer Preview

After Microsoft’s BUILD conference last week, Microsoft 8 seems to be all the rave. Developers have stated that it is as good as Windows 7 in many ways, but that in comparison Windows 8 is highly ambitious.

Download the Windows 8 Developer Preview Tonight!

Toward the end of the BUILD keynote on day 2, Steven Sinofsky notified the world that they would be releasing the Windows 8 Developer Preview tonight. I took a picture of the slide from the audience and

Microsoft tweet about pre-release version of Windows 8

Just received an interesting tweet from the BuildWindows twitter account. It says: Folks asking about getting pre-release bits…we promise it will be easy and not a secret. This is good news for a couple of reasons. First,

Windows 8 pre-Beta might be a Developer Preview

Apparently Microsoft is currently preparing a pre-release version of Windows 8 to release next month. The build number is apparently Build 8064.0.FBL 110806. Chinese site PCBeta revealed an 8064 build of Windows 8, built on August 6. The