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Windows Developer Preview Being Used A Lot Less Than It Was In September

So its seems that a new report from Chitka (an ad company) has revealed that traffic coming in that is using Windows Developer Preview is considerably lower than it was back in September. According to what Chitka

Windows Developer Preview Reaches 3 Million Downloads

For those who argue about whether or not Windows 8 will be relevant or sought after, I think we should look at the evidence so far. All we’ve seen up to this point is Windows Developer Preview,

Some Particularly Annoying Quirks In Windows Developer Preview

Windows 8 has been available to early adopters like me since September, allowing us to grow with the Windows 8 experience and learn its ins and outs. Personally, I have had WDP on my machine for about

How Does Windows 8 Compare to OS X Lion?

In the last decade it’s become rather common practice that every time a version of Windows or Mac OS debuts they are put head-to-toe in a war of comparison. Putting Lion (Which is fully released) against the

Kinect SDK Beta 2 adds Windows 8 support

Earlier this week, Microsoft officials announced that they plan to release a Kinect  SDK for Windows for commercial usage in early 2012. Today, Microsoft has updated the other SDK that’s used for non commercial usage. This new

Windows 8 Bugs

For a developer preview, I think Windows 8 doesn’t have that many bugs. I mean, it could be a lot worse; the operating system could crash every time I try to run a certain app, or WiFi

Windows 8: Building applications for Metro UI

Microsoft released Windows 8 Developer Preview with the sole intention of introducing developers with the tools and techniques needed to develop applications for Metro UI. So far, Microsoft has only discussed about using Visual Studio Express to

How to install Windows 8 Developer Preview

I know how excited you are to try the new Windows 8 released by Microsoft. Microsoft released the Windows 8 Developer Preview for all its enthusiasts and it is free to try. The final release of Windows

Why did Microsoft Make the Windows 8 Developer Preview Free?

Hundreds of thousands of people were amazed to find out that Microsoft released the Windows 8 developer preview completely free to everyone who wanted a copy. People who weren’t Microsoft developers wouldn’t have to use shadier methods

A Look into the Windows 8 Developer Preview

After Microsoft’s BUILD conference last week, Microsoft 8 seems to be all the rave. Developers have stated that it is as good as Windows 7 in many ways, but that in comparison Windows 8 is highly ambitious.