Windows 8 development blog Archive

Microsoft update their Windows 8 Development Blog to reflect the Windows 8 Release Preview

Steven Sinofsky has updated the Windows 8 Development Blog. This comes in the wake of three major Windows 8 related releases happening today. Here is the text: Today, Windows 8 Release Preview is available for download in

Windows 8 – Creating The User Experience – My Analysis of the Microsoft Post

In what must be the longest Windows 8 development post ever called “Creating the Windows 8 user experience“, Jensen Harris ( the Microsoft Windows 8 Director of User Experience Program Management ) walks us through the rationale

Microsoft goes into detail regarding Cloud services for Windows 8, Windows Phone and Windows Live

There’s a new post on the Windows 8 development blog. The title of the post is “Cloud services for Windows 8 and Windows Phone: Windows Live, reimagined” and it’s authored by Chris Jones, the VP of Microsoft’s

Microsoft give us more details about power management and Windows 8

Microsoft have updated their Windows 8 development blog again and this time the topic is Power management in Windows 8. They state 3 goals that they have for Windows 8: Let the hardware shine. We built Windows

Microsoft show more Windows 8 Task Manager changes for Server Administrators

Microsoft have continued to share a little more about their improvements to Windows 7 in the form of Windows 8. This time, they are focusing on the task manager and the ability to handle multiple cores in