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The top 10 best sources of Windows 8 information on the web today

So someone asked me the other day about this list and I rattled them off the top of my head. She said that it would probably be a good list to share so here I am. Windows

Microsoft – Windows 8 will have a new printer driver architecture

A new Windows 8 development blog update and this time, it’s about printing. In Windows 8  Microsoft have introduced a new printer driver architecture, which they call version 4, or v4. The v4 architecture produces smaller, faster

Microsoft talk about Windows 8 and hardware acceleration Microsoft have updated the Windows 8 development blog with a post about hardware acceleration. With Windows 8, Microsoft have set out to enable all applications to have beautiful and high-performance graphics enabled by modern graphics hardware.

Microsoft talks about the Windows 8 Touch keyboard – Video

In a new post on the Microsoft Windows 8 development blog, Microsoft explain some of the thinking behind their enhanced “on-screen keyboards” in Windows 8. With Windows 8, Microsoft started fresh and took a “first principles” approach

Why I love the new Task Manager in Windows 8

Microsoft Windows President Steven Sinofsky mentioned during the Windows 8 keynote at build, that Microsoft updates their task manager every 15 years or so. What they have come up with  this time is absolutely fantastic. Since XP there hasn’t

Microsoft provides details about it’s Mail application in Windows 8

Microsoft just posted a new blog post on the Building Windows 8 blog, explaining more about the new Mail app in Windows 8. The new Mail app has been designed to  be fast and fluid, be great with touch and a keyboard

Microsoft talk about media support in Windows 8

As is the custom, Microsoft have released a new blog post on the Windows 8 development blog. This one talks about optimizing multimedia in Windows 8. Their goals as stated: Maximize performance. We wanted media playback to be

Windows 8 will support IPv6

Microsoft will be a mjor force behind a big push from IPv4 support to IPv6. This from a post on the Windows 8 Development Blog. A quote: “Windows 8 is connected and ready to use, and our

Microsoft update their Windows 8 Development Blog to reflect the Windows 8 Release Preview

Steven Sinofsky has updated the Windows 8 Development Blog. This comes in the wake of three major Windows 8 related releases happening today. Here is the text: Today, Windows 8 Release Preview is available for download in

Microsoft give more details about Windows 8 Boot Options

Now the updates are coming fast and furious with the Windows 8 development blog. A new post is out called “Designing for PC’s that boot faster than ever before”. In it, Microsoft talk about the challenges of