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VLC Developer Is Not A Fan Of Windows RT

Not at all, it seems. In fact, the guy had some choice words for the RT platform not so long ago. Then again, coding for new platforms is never easy, even if it has Windows in its

Windows 8 Enterprise – How to Determine the Total Cost of Ownership for Windows 8

New post from our sister site – It talks a little bit about how to strategically determine the total cost of ownership for Microsoft’s newest Operating System – Windows 8. An excerpt: Many IT organizations use Total

Microsoft Now has a Web-based Windows 8 App Maker

When it comes to Windows 8 apps, there is really only one way to get the job done, a PC and some development tools. At least that was the only way, but things change and Microsoft has

Windows 8 has nearly 8000 apps, but developers aren’t that excited to bring their apps to Windows 8

Okay, Windows 8 and RT don’t have nearly as many apps as their rivals. Putting that aside, having close to 8000 apps from day one is still pretty dang impressive. What do people expect, 100,000+ on launch

The possible future of Windows Update

I was reading the story Andrew Grush wrote about the future of Windows upgrades and he brought up some good points. When thinking of updates, upgrades and update numbers though you also have to take into consideration

Beautiful new picture shows the new Samsung Windows 8 ATIV Branded Family

(Click to enlarge) This picure just got Tweeted from the Microsoft Windows Twitter account. It shows a group of Samsung ATIV branded products and I can’t lie, I think they look GORGEOUS. What do you think?

New Windows 8 Video – Windows 8 Enterprise 64 bit install and setup

Here’s a video from showing the Windows 8 setup experience. It shows a very straightforward install that doesn’t take very long. It also shows the new boot logo as well as the new and interesting intro video

Want to try Windows 8? There’s a full featured trial version available to the public

Very cool news. I had posted earlier that Windows 8 was available to MSDN and Technet subscribers. Well if you don’t have one of those memberships but want to take the software for a ride, you’re in

Windows 8 RTM has a brief user guide upon install

Interesting new nuggets of information from a Windows 8 Technology enthusiast Darren W Baker. Mr Baker had a chance to install Windows 8 Enterprise unto his Samsung Series 7 slate yesterday and was kind enough to document

New Leaked screenshot of Windows 8 Store RTM

You’re looking at what is allegedly the first screenshot of the RTM’ed Windows Store. Seems to be the same as the Windows 8 Release Preview to me with maybe just a few sharpened graphics. More to come….