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Windows 8’s New Updating Solution And Possible Alternatives

Microsoft recently revealed a post on their Building Windows 8 blog that the next-generation Windows OS will require fewer reboots for Windows patches and updates. Admittedly, this sounds pretty awesome. The truth is that the ‘less reboots’

Microsoft punt on fixing the Windows Update problem – what would Steve Jobs have done?

Microsoft was doing so well and now… this.. I had just blogged about how Windows Update restarts needed to be fixed in Windows 8 and voila – Microsoft responded (to the issue not me, I’m not presumptuous). In

Disabling Driver Enforcement In Windows 7 and 8

Windows has grown up a lot in the last several years, especially with its transition over to 64-bit processing (although legacy 32-bit is still present even in Windows 8.) As Windows has evolved so has the efforts