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I’ll be speaking at MVP Nation in Redmond

So, some interesting news. I’ll be in Seattle in March as a guest speaker at MVP Nation. MVP Nation is a conference that offers participants the rare opportunity to learn directly from Microsoft MVPs in a deeply technical

Windows 8: Trends

Windows 8 has incorporated cloud computing and improved accessibility through mobile devices. Up until a few years ago, Microsoft’s efforts were solely targeted towards desktops and laptops; however due to emergence of new technology and changing consumer

Revealed: 2 speakers at the BUILD conference

So as you guys know, the BUILD conference is coming soon in Anaheim California but details on the agenda have been sparse. Now, gradually, we are starting to uncover some of the speakers at the conference. Disclaimer:

New video of Windows 8 beng demoed

Microsoft’s demo video from Computex has now been posted up for everyone to view. The video focuses on the tablet interface which shows Microsoft’s strategy for combating iOS and Android in the tablet market. In the video,

Highlights from the Windows 8 preview event at Computex 2011

Ok, what a freakin day. Yet even more Microsoft news.. Microsoft also demoed Windows 8 at the Computex 2011 event. Here are the salient points as well as the photos.. The new OS is Created on Windows’

Rumor: Windows 8 Beta to be shown at PDC 2011

So there is speculation that Microsoft may release Windows 8 at this years PDC (Professional Developers Conference) 2011 event. This years Professional Developers Conference will kick off September 13 and run through to September 16. It’s important

Windows 8 and CES 2011 – My take

So, just watched Ballmer and crew do their dance at CES 2011 in Vegas. Here are the major takeaways from all this.. Microsoft is working with multiple partners on the “Next version of Windows”. They plan to

CES Highlights from Microsoft Keynote

Steve comes on and goes on for a while. Introduces Xbox guy.. controller free netflix with Kinect controller free Zune Controller free Hulu + espn on xbox live w/ kinect and interactivity Perky Windows Phone 7 lady

Steve Ballmer’s keynote Speech at CES

Here it is..

Microsoft Windows President Steven Sinofsky shows off an early build of Windows 8 on ARM

Mary Jo Foley is reporting that Microsoft Windows President Steven Sinofsky has shown a group of reporters an early build of Windows 8. Quote: Microsoft demonstrated at a press conference on January 5 the “next version of