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Hey! What about the On-Screen Keyboard in Windows 8?

Oops! I forgot to tell you about the On-Screen Keyboard. This is another keyboard available through Windows 8. You can access it by typing “On-Screen keyboard” on your Start screen. To add its icon to both the Start

The Windows 8 Touch Keyboard

In this blog I’ll cover what I’ve learnt about the Windows 8 Touch keyboard. There are several different types of touch keyboards available with Windows 8 providing you have a touch screen. The Touch Screen is available

ATI and Nvidia both release new Windows 8 beta drivers

Are you interested in Windows 8 but afraid to make the jump because of potential gaming issues? For many gamers, it makes sense to stick with the same OS on their gaming rig for as long as

Windows Phone 8 will have granular parental controls – a separate kids start screen

TheVerge is reporting that Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 operating system will include a new set of parental controls. The so called “Kid’s Corner” option will be a separate Start screen environment designed for children to access apps,

The Top 5 Windows 8 Features That Small Businesses Will Love

It goes without saying that Windows 8 is very different from previous versions of the Windows Operating System. A lot of small businesses liked Windows XP, skipped Windows Vista and now love Windows 7. With Windows 8 being

Windows 8 Dream Machine

According to Microsoft, Windows 8 will play nice with legacy hardware and even works better on older machines than Vista and 7. I have previously tested this theory with a Pentium 3 machine that was able to

Screenshots of a Windows 8 Music Program are Leaked

A few days ago Microsoft revealed some details about its upcoming Windows 8 app store. It will use the same marketing model as Apple 30% cut for Microsoft, and a 70% cut for developers. A feature that

Antivirus in Windows 8

On nearly every virtual corner of the Internet malware and spyware lurk, just waiting to infect our precious computing devices. Before the Internet, viruses were much less common and much harder to spread. In today’s world you

Restoring the start menu in Windows 8

As you might have heard, Microsoft removed the conventional Start menu from Windows 8. If you you’d like your start menu back in Windows 8, here is a simple way to get it back. You have to

New Windows 8 performance improvements

It’s never a certain bet to put faith in a beta version of any software, let alone a Windows operating system. The pre-release of windows 8 already shows promising results and many have faith in its potential