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Build Conference 2012 Video – Core technologies for Windows 8 games

Windows 8 provides a rich set of core technologies that are vital to creating top-selling games. You will hear about the three programming languages for games (JavaScript, C#, C++), and the game genres most easily created in

Minesweeper Finds Its Way For Windows RT

Before Minecraft, there was Minesweeper. The classic logic game has been included as one of the built-in games for Microsoft’s operating system since Windows 3.1. This widespread availability made it notorious as one of the most played

90% Of Titles Over At Are Now Compatible With Windows 8

More than 430 classic titles are available on Good Old Games’ platform that are tested and updated to work on Windows 8, which is great news for early adaptors of the OS who also happen to be

Windows 8 Games – Games

Description Discover the hottest new games and download them to your PC and Xbox 360. Edit your avatar, see what your friends are up to, and share your achievements with friends. Note: Some features might not be

Windows 8 Games – National Flags Quiz

Description Test your knowledge of flags, capitals, countries and their well known places. Do You know them all? Try yourself! Show your friends who is the best! Features many countries with their flags and capitals modern design

Windows 8 Games – Spam the Button

Description Spam the button by clicking/tapping the button as fast as you can within 15 seconds. Features Button Spam! Global high score. Cost:  Free Category:  Games > Action Age Rating:  7+ Developer:  Kyzer_Wong

Window 8 Games – Toilet Paper Game

Description Unroll the toilet paper with your hand. It’s very simple. Features Global High Scores Play on your windows phone and also on your windows 8 Cost:  Free Category:  Games > Action Age Rating:  12+ Developer:  Kyzer_Wong

Windows 8 Games – Block Breaker

Description Complete 30 different stages of Block Breaking fun by bouncing a ball to break the bricks! With the option of either touch or keyboard controls, Block Breaker is a new, Metro-style twist on the classic Breakout

Windows 8 Games – Catch’em Birds

Description Catch the birds and shove them back into the cage! Sounds simple enough, but it doesn’t remain that simple as the birds get faster, the cage starts moving, and clouds start to obscure your vision. Includes

Windows 8 Games – Bubble Wrap

Description Love popping bubble wrap but haven’t received any packages recently? No problem! Pop virtual bubbles all you want and see how fast you can do it. Warning: some bubbles are tricky and will spring back to