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90% Of Titles Over At Are Now Compatible With Windows 8

More than 430 classic titles are available on Good Old Games’ platform that are tested and updated to work on Windows 8, which is great news for early adaptors of the OS who also happen to be

ATI and Nvidia both release new Windows 8 beta drivers

Are you interested in Windows 8 but afraid to make the jump because of potential gaming issues? For many gamers, it makes sense to stick with the same OS on their gaming rig for as long as

How well does Windows 8 work for gaming?

Windows 8 is known for having extreme speed improvements that allow the whole OS to run more smoothly than ever, but what about games? When I first tried beta versions of Windows 8 I ran into several

Leaked Documents reveal more info about Xbox 720

There were rumors that Microsoft is planning to come up with a new generation of Xbox and the documents that are leaked on the net are proving this. A newly leaked document of 56 pages have put

Microsoft Might Start Offering Its Xbox Game System At A Lower Price, With Contract

In recent times, it has pretty much become standard practice that whenever you want a new cellphone you head to your carrier or a partner retailer, pick one out, and lock yourself to the device for one

Microsoft Flight Launches tomorrow – February 29, 2012

Tomorrow’s a big day for more than just Windows 8. Microsoft Flight will be available for a FREE download worldwide starting February 29, 2012. It will be available on In addition, the Hawaiian Adventure Pack –

Rumor: Next Xbox Might Feature A Tablet Controller

For those that don’t follow gaming, just last summer Nintendo announced its Wii successor, the Wii U, would feature a new controller that had traditional buttons and joysticks combined with a tablet-like interface and touchscreen. Now rumors

Could An Xbox-Branded Tablet Do Well In The Market?

Previously, I’ve talked a little about some strategies Microsoft could take to really make a splash when it launches into the tablet market. Apple remains in control of the tablet market right now for a few key

New updates being rolled out for the Xbox 360

Microsoft is rolling out some really amazing updates to the Xbox in the next few days. These updates include a new interface that allows you to navigate through music, movies, TV shows and games with the wave

Metro Coming On December 6th To Xbox 360

On certainly more than one occasion I’ve focused on Microsoft’s expansion strategy, “Windows Everywhere”. Windows Everywhere isn’t just about Windows on all kinds of desktop and laptops, but it is so much more than that. So why