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Tip: Access The Hidden GodMode In Windows 8

One of the best hidden features of Windows 7 (and Windows Vista too) has found its way to Windows 8 – the very secret, and less-known, GodMode. Think of it as a special dedicated folder that provides

An Oldie’s Take on Surface RT

Well, my Surface Tablet arrived one day early. It was due on Melbourne Cup Day, a public holiday here in Australia and it was delivered the day before. The packaging was first class. My neighbor an Apple fan suggested

Windows 8 Control Panel – System and Security – Power Options

This applet manages the ability of your computer to save or consume electricity. You can select a pre-defined power plan to increase the performance or power efficiency of the system. You can specify how much time a

Windows 8 Control Panel – Appearance and Personalization – Taskbar

Windows provides a plethora of customizations to the taskbar. You can change the position of the taskbar, customize how the items should look on the taskbar, change its size, change its display status, etc. All these customizations

Windows 8 Control Panel – Hardware and Sound – Devices and Printers

Any person working on a computer has to manage several hardware components connected to it. They might be the components embedded inside the computer, or external hardware devices like pen drives, printers, scanners, mobile phone, etc. Usually,

Windows 8 Control Panel – System and Security – BitLocker Drive Encryption

Everybody wants to protect their personal data. You might possess digital data – documents, images, videos, etc. – that you don’t want anyone else to access; not even your family members (I won’t ask why!). This wish

Windows 8 Control Panel – System and Security – Windows Update

Microsoft regularly dispatches updates to Windows. These updates fill any exposed security holes in OS, provide stability to OS, and also protect your system from malwares. Given the critical importance of such updates, there is a separate

Windows 8 User Accounts and Family Safety – User Accounts

A user account is an identity of a user in a computer system. The account of a user bears his/her name (hopefully) and his/her picture. Also, each user has a different need of a system. One may

Windows 8 User Accounts and Family Safety – Family Safety

If you have children at home for whom you want to restrict the access to PC, then this applet is your friend. Windows provides facility to restrict a user account so that it can access only certain

Windows 8 RTM Video Documentary

The good folks at Winbeta got their hands on a copy of Windows 8 RTM and decided to make a silent video about it. No lie, it’s silent. Here it is. If you are wondering what Windows 8