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Lenovo Admits They Dropped the ball on Touch PCs, Underestimating Demand

Windows 8 has been here for a bit now, and so far we’ve seen a trend here: touch is doing better than non-touch. Not surprising, considering Windows 8 is really designed with these kinds of interfaces in

Lenovo Yoga 11 is Now Available for Ordering, Limited Time Lower Pricing

The Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11 is here, a few weeks ahead of its original December release schedule. This makes it one of the few Windows RT devices out there right now to compete against the Surface RT.

Lenovo Yoga Pocket Concept was Originally A Very Small Laptop Hybrid

The Lenovo Yoga 13 has already launched, and the Yoga 11 Windows RT variant is one its way. Did you know that there was a third Yoga variant originally in works? Yep, the so-called “Pocket Yoga”. This

A Brief Guide to Windows 8 Devices that Merge Tablet and Laptop Functionality

Windows 8 doesn’t represent just a UI change, it represents tons of new options in the world of tablets. If you are looking to bridge a traditional laptop experience with the portability and touch-capabilities of a tablet,