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Understanding the Nuts and Bolts of Windows 8 Deployment

Deploying Windows 8 in the enterprise will be more challenging than prior versions because there are more form factors involved and new types of applications (apps) to consider. There are also virtualization options and Windows To Go

Windows 8 – Installing Windows 8 Media Center

Getting the Free Product Key Once you access the above website, provide a valid email address in the relevant box. It takes 24 hours for you to receive your free product key. This will be through the

Windows 8 deployment resources

Here are some tools for Enterprise Deployment planning for Windows 8. For customers deploying Windows 8 Enterprise, there are going to be several available volume activation methods. To step back for a second, Volume Activation consisted of two

Metro Working Slowly In Virtual Box After Installing Guest Additions? Here A Few Tips To Solve The Problem

Just days ago, I wrote an article about installing Windows 8 Release Preview using virtualization software, namely VirtualBox. I chose this solution because it seemed to have great overall results and is a free way to get

Guide: Creating a USB Installer for Windows 8

In Windows 8, Microsoft brought some changes to the Windows setup. One of those was allowing the user to install Windows from a USB thumb drive rather than the traditional DVD.  For this Microsoft also released a

Should Windows 8 setup be Metrofied?

Microsoft has been seriously trying to Metrofy the Windows 8 experience. There have been  all along developmental changes in Windows 8 except a few places where there is either no changes or the changes are very minor.

Using VirtualBox To Install Windows 8 Release Preview

When it comes to previews of operating systems, many of us love to see what has changed and what hasn’t. At the same time, not everyone accesses these previews the same way. For people like myself, I

Installation Issues And Bugs In Windows 8 Release Preview

When I first started up Windows 8 Release Preview for the first time it seemed to install right, but within 24-hours it locked up to a point I had to re-install. I have researched this problem and

A Few Brief Tips regarding Installing Windows 8 Consumer Preview As Your Primary OS

Are you strongly considering installing Windows 8 Consumer Preview on your primary PC, but are uncertain if it’s a good idea? First off, you aren’t alone. Since I work from home, my laptop is my office and

Windows 8 Will Have Faster, Online-Based Installation

Once upon a time, Windows installations could take well over an hour or more and either were performed by PC techs or those who were fairly savvy with computers. Back in these days upgrading meant loss of