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Asus Taichi coming in December for the hefty price of $1,992?

Recently we reported that the Asus Taichi was receiving delays that would see It pushed into December. The reasons for the delays wasn’t really pointed out, but we knew that it was at least still coming. Now

Asus Taichi continues to experience delays, Won't Ship until Sometime in December?

Were you hoping to get your hands the Asus Taichi soon, we have some bad news. PC World is now reporting that shipments for the Taichi have been delayed, with no real world on when they will

New AMD-based Asus Vivobook Touch Notebook Announced

Just like in the Windows x86 tablet world, most of the touchscreen-based laptops arriving to the market have Intel processors inside of them. AMD certainly isn’t getting a lot of love here. If you are an AMD

The top 5 Windows 8 Laptops or Ultrabooks on have started to list Windows 8 hardware and software for sale so I did a quick check to see what’s on there. We just put up a list of the top 5 Windows 8 tablets on

A Brief Guide to Windows 8 Devices that Merge Tablet and Laptop Functionality

Windows 8 doesn’t represent just a UI change, it represents tons of new options in the world of tablets. If you are looking to bridge a traditional laptop experience with the portability and touch-capabilities of a tablet,

Windows 8 Tablet Hybrid Review: Fujitsu LifeBook T580 Convertible Notebook

Not everyone out there needs a device that functions both as a tablet and a laptop but for those that do, there are certainly some excellent options out there. Unfortunately, amid many solid choices there are also