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The leaks have begun – Windows 8.1 Build 9471 is out

A near feature complete version of Windows 8.1 appears to have leaked onto the Interwebs. The Build , dubbed 9471 has leaked onto the internet just days before the official RTM is expected to be announced. As

The top 10 best sources of Windows 8 information on the web today

So someone asked me the other day about this list and I rattled them off the top of my head. She said that it would probably be a good list to share so here I am. Windows

Windows 8 Enterprise RTM and Windows 8 Pro RTM versions leaked as well – images

The (allegedly) Russian leaker WZOR has leaked 4 more versions of Windows 8 RTM onto the web in addition to the Windows Server 2012 RTM leak. The editions leaked are: Windows 8 Enterprise x86 Windows 8 Enterprise

Leaked images of Windows Server 2012 hit the web

(Allegedly) Russian leaker WZOR has posted images of Windows Server 2012 onto the web. As we said, this is the leaker who released the Server Operating System onto the web hours ago. Here are some of the

Windows Server 2012 RTM Leaked to the web

(Allegedly) Russian leaker WZOR has struck again. Windows Server 2012 RTM has leaked online and is on the more popular torrent sites. The build weighs in at 3.23 GB and is the x64 version which includes Standard and

Even more new Windows 8 RTM images – the leaks have begun

The floodgates are about to open. More online images have surfaced (pun intended) of Windows 8 Enterprise N. This is build 9200 and seems to be the genuine RTM. In addition, I spoke about leaks earlier on

Windows 8 RTM Leak?

No Windows 8 RTM has not leaked. This site is dedicated to the discussion of Windows 8 news and updates and we will not be sharing any leaks or Windows 8 ISO’s. It is interesting though because

More Windows 8 RTM Screenshots

A couple of new Windows 8 screenshots. These ones are from PCBeta. Nothing new, just the usual Metro interface and some of the icons look a little more refined (as expected).

New Leaked screenshot of Windows 8 Store RTM

You’re looking at what is allegedly the first screenshot of the RTM’ed Windows Store. Seems to be the same as the Windows 8 Release Preview to me with maybe just a few sharpened graphics. More to come….

Windows 8 Hacker Quote of the day

Microsoft will be happy with this one. Roaming through one of the more popular leaker/hacker forums on the web, I came across this comment from someone frustrated looking for a leaked Windows 8 torrent. Meh even if