Windows 8 Logo Archive

Very impressive – Microsoft branding going forward

Microsoft have undertaken one of the largest rebranding initiatives I have ever seen. They have updated so many of their logos that is it apparent that they are REALLY serious about moving into a new Windows 8 led era.

About that new Microsoft logo…

So as you probably saw, Microsoft just released a new corporate logo yesterday. It looks like this.. So far so good. The problem is, I thought that look and feel looked familiar so I went back through

New Windows 8 graphic spotted on

Well just looking at Amazon this evening and look what popped up. A new Windows 8 case graphic. This is interesting because it might just be a placeholder graphic for the Windows 8 sales page until we

Microsoft display new unified branding on BUILD 2012 website

On the BUILD 2012 website, Microsoft have just displayed a group of logos together that gives us a taste of the new Microsoft unified branding (my term). Most notable is Windows Phone 8 which has a similar

New Windows 8 RTM branch screenshots

Canouna from the website has done it again. He has released some screenshots from a branch of the final Windows 8 build or the RTM. He indicates that Microsoft is in tidy mode at this point

New Windows 8 Windows RT compatibility logo artwork

Hey Canouna – Knock it off! It’s Friday! Winunleaked released what seems to be the Windows RT compatibility logo artwork. They look very similar to the Windows 8 compatibility artwork that was released (by Winunleaked) a few weeks ago.

Microsoft accidentally revealed the new Windows Store logo!

During the Surface tablet launch on Monday, Did Microsoft accidently reveal the new Windows Store logo? As you can see from the above image, Windows Store tile is showing a different icon than what we see in

New leaked Windows 8 compatibility logos

The images above come from Canouna at the forums. He claims that these are rough designs for the Windows 8 Compatibility logo. Today we show you the new Windows compatibility logo, also known as certification artwork.

What’s up with Windows branding?

When Steven Sinofsky made the announcement about the Windows 8 Release Preview coming out early in June, there was something most of us missed. The Windows logo in the bottom right corner of his slide. This raises

More bad news about the Windows 8 logo

More bad news regarding the new proposed Windows 8 logo. We had our poll here and talked about how ugly it was here. Now TechRepublic are saying that the feedback they have gotten is pretty bad as