Windows 8 Metro Archive

New Windows 8 wallpapers and Metro Screenshots is reporting that there are a bunch of new Windows 8 screenshots that are different from the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. There are obviously some new wallpapers but they also show slight differences in the tile structure in

I Forget, Who Exactly Is Microsoft Targeting With Metro/Windows 8 Again?

Metro, it seems you love it or you hate it, or you simple ignore it. I’ve had a hard time figuring out which of these crowds I stand amid of late, but regardless of the camp you

Microsoft contrast Apple iPad development with Windows 8 Metro development

Microsoft have released a very interesting “design case study” that talks about the differences between developing metro apps and developing for the iPad. From the post: In this case study we want to help designers and developers

Is A Plug-In Free Internet Explorer For Windows 8 Metro Too Restrictive?

In order to get a better grasp on what life under Metro UI is like, I am strongly considering an experiment where I use nothing but the new start menu replacement for all my computing, except in

10 quick tips and shortcuts for Windows 8

Since the release of the Windows 8 Developer Preview, there have been a bunch of Windows 8 tips and tricks out there that might be fun for you to know. Here are 10 to get you started.

A Look into the Windows 8 Developer Preview

After Microsoft’s BUILD conference last week, Microsoft 8 seems to be all the rave. Developers have stated that it is as good as Windows 7 in many ways, but that in comparison Windows 8 is highly ambitious.

Windows 8 Metro IM Theme for Windows 7

Deviantart user Jaycee13 has created a Windows 8 theme for Windows 7 users called as Windows Metro IM Theme. The theme is currently available for 32 bit version of Windows 7. The theme will convert the current