Windows 8 Name Archive

Microsoft means business – Metro named apps being banned from the Windows Store

In a very forceful show of strength, Microsoft have started to turn away apps that have the term “Metro” in their naming. Their application naming guide has been updated to reflect the following: “Make sure your app

New substitute for the name "Metro".. *sigh*

Superwoman Mary Jo Foley has gotten a little more clarity about what Microsoft plan to use to replace the word “Metro” in their marketing material going forward. You probably have heard of the marketing brouhaha about the

Windows 8 Update – Microsoft reveal final Windows 8 name and number of editions – 5

In a new blog post today on the Windows Team blog, Microsoft have finally shed light on both the final name for Windows 8 and what the different SKU’s for Windows will be. Let’s start with the

Windows 8 Release Candidate to be named Windows 8 Release Preview?

Canouna has done it again. Apparently in a new scoop from Windowsunleaked, he has indicated that the Windows 8 Release Candidate will go by a new name. Windows 8 Release Preview He is indicating that this new

More Information re: Windows 8 Consumer Preview ISO Builds

Superleaker Canouna is reporting the ISO names for the new Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Allegedly, the filenames will be: 8250.0.WINMAIN_WIN8BETA.120217-1520_X64FRE_CLIENT_EN-US-HB1_CCPA_X64FRE_EN-US_DV5.ISO 8250.0.WINMAIN_WIN8BETA.120217-1520_X86FRE_CLIENT_EN-US-HB1_CCPA_X86FRE_EN-US_DV5.ISO He’s also reporting that more than 100 apps are ready to go in the Windows Store.

Yup, it’s going to be called Windows Server 8

Hat tip to Rafael Rivera who noticed that Microsoft have started to produce documentation on MSDN that refers to the new version of Windows 8 Server. It will be called Windows Server 8. Pretty official now. Here’s

Microsoft respond to user feedback and are calling the software Windows 8 Beta again

Now that’s funny. Ilana Smith, a lead program manager on the Engineering System team, authored a new post on the Microsoft development blog. Microsoft are responding to user feedback to both their blog posts and the Windows

Will Windows 8 Really be the Name of the Next Version of Windows?

Everyone (including Steve Ballmer CEO of Microsoft) has been calling the next version of Windows “Windows 8.” It seems that we have all forgotten that “Windows 8” is still technically a code name. Ambious Online, a tech

Microsoft reveal Windows 8 Explorer changes

Microsoft have released a new video and this time they are talking about upcoming changes being made to the Windows Explorer functionality… They set out some new goals for this version of Explorer: Optimize Explorer for file

Windows Server 8 announced – the new name for Windows 8 Server

Microsoft officials showed off the first public glimpse of its coming Windows Server 8 operating system today at the WPC 2011 conference. Windows Server 8 was announced as the server side complement to the Windows 8 client.