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Windows 9 - Threshold

The Windows 8 jig is up – It’s Windows Vista 2 and Microsoft are looking forward to Windows 9

Paul Thurrott today confirmed what this blog has been saying for the past 18 months – Windows 8 has fundamentally been a massive…

edbott the man

Why I’m a fan of ZDNet’s Ed Bott

This site has been covering Windows since 2009 (years before Windows 8) and we were able to correctly predict a lot of the impact this…


Windows XP Retirement Could Be Great For Enterprise PC Sales

It appears that desktop PCs may get one last hurrah. Windows XP is finally fading away, and with mere months remaining between official retirement of…


Surface RT 32GB Sold Out At Walmart Online Store

If it survives the next few years, Microsoft’s Surface RT will have quite a story to tell. The slate was Redmond’s first real foray into…


Corning Introduces New Tougher Glass For Touch Laptops

Corning has made quite a name for itself with its Gorilla Glass line. Hardware makers that want to make their laptops, tablets, phones, computer monitor…


Australians Reportedly Pay Up To 66% More For Microsoft Products

The price disparity of computing products (both hardware and software) between different markets of the world is one of the more bewildering factors of the…


Microsoft Grabs 4.5% Tablet Market Share In Q2 2013

Microsoft’s tablet market share is an area of interest for many, and even though things are only starting to heat up, the technology titan is…


Prepare For Windows XP Full Panic Mode, Says Microsoft

Redmond has already made it clear that it will not be extending the Windows XP retirement date any further. After having done so once, the…


Linux Leader Once Again Praises Windows 8

Windows 8 has its share of fans and detractors. But Mark Shuttleworth has often praised Microsoft’s new platform. And once again, the Linux guru had…


New Skype Contest Asks Users To Create Art Using Skype Emoticons

Microsoft sure does like to keep Skype in the spotlight. And what better way to do so than fan contests. The company launches interesting new…