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Windows 8 Pre-Beta


A Few Password Related Bugs/Annoyances In Windows 8 Consumer Preview

I first realized that I was in love with Windows 7 back during the beta. While I enjoyed the improvements to the Vista interface and…


Tons more screenshots from leaked windows 8 pre beta windows 8 build 8220

Dear God, it’s all over. Tons of leaked screenshots have surfaced on the web of Windows 8 Build 8220. These are from Winunleaked. He says it’s stable…


New windows 8 6 2 8220 screenshots

Here are some new Screenshots from the Windows 8 build 6.2.8220. Click to enlarge


New screenshots from Windows 8 build 8220

Windows 8…


Will Windows 8 Beta be called the Windows 8 Consumer Preview?

Building upon something noticed by Paul Thurrott a while ago, Mary Jo Foley has a really interesting post out today. In it, she speculates that Windows…


Windows 8 current build is allegedly at 8184.0.winmain.120113-1850

So the leaks from the legend that is Canouna continue. For those who don’t know, Canouna is the mystery man (or woman) who continues to leak…


Inside CES 2012: Windows 8 Build 8175 on display – Video

Microsoft was on the floor of CES 2012 yesterday with a copy of Windows 8 pre-beta 8175. Microsoft are hard at work developing Windows 8 to…


Windows 8 Beta Release and Features Speculation

CES is finally here, and with it hopefully tons of new information about Windows 8, new slates, new Intel technologies, and other new goodies that…


New speculation about Windows 8 Beta

The mysterious shadow figure called Canouna continues to leak and speculate about the status of Windows 8 development. He has posted the following on…


New screenshots leak from the Windows 8 Beta

Some new Windows 8 screenshots have emerged from Win8China. These screenshots allegedly show changes to the installation process of Windows 8 that have been…