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Windows 8 Pre-RTM


Windows 8 Build update – allegedly 9200.16384.win8_rtm.120725-1247

So I’m not a huge fan of keeping track of builds but I know a lot of you are. Canouna (part man and part legend) is…


The drumbeat to Windows 8 RTM continues – new Windows Store RTM images

New information about Windows 8 RTM, this time from Mr. WithinWindows himself Rafael Rivera. He has joined the list of credible voices confirming the…


Windows 8 will be released in October 2012 – Microsoft

It’s official, we have a better idea about Windows 8 RTM and the Windows 8 Release Date. Speaking at the company’s Worldwide Partner Conference in Canada, Microsoft’s…


New Rumor: Windows 8 RTM to be build 8888?

This week has been full of speculations. Windows 8 RTM is expected to be complied this month and rumors are prevaling that Windows 8 RTM could be shipped…


Windows 8 RTM close to being final, reaches Build 8506

Windows 8 RTM is getting closer to being final. Winunleaked reports that the current Build is 8506.Windows 8 RTM is expected be released…


Windows 8 builds – the work continues, on to Windows 8 RTM

There seems to be a lot of activity (obviously) going on as Microsoft march toward the final production copy of Windows 8 (RTM or Release…


Do we need one more Preview of Windows 8?

So the rumor mill has heated up about Windows 8 heading down the path to a manufacturing release (RTM) and I can’t help but wonder…


New Windows 8 pre-RTM Screenshots from

Here are some new Windows 8 pre-RTM screenshots from Win8China.


New Windows 8 Pre-RTM images – No More Aero Glass

We have some new Windows 8 leaked pre-RTM images from Canouna below. These images show: New buttons, new colors, more metro, it’s just “Clean & Nice” The images…