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Windows 8 Pro install and upgrade tip – Clean Install

So a pretty obvious tip here but this one is based on my recent experience. I recently upgraded my primary PC to Windows 8 Pro and made the mistake of doing the actual upgrade as opposed to

Surface Pro Bug Causing it Lock Up In Sleep Mode

For Microsoft, creating the Surface and jumping head-first into PC hardware territory was about solving a problem: the need for a flagship Windows device that could truly compete with the iPad and Nexus Android devices at a

Penny Arcade’s Digital Artist Talks About Surface Pro as a Drawing Device

According to Gabe of Penny Arcade, the drawing experience on the Surface Pro is actually top-notch.

Asus Transformer Book Now Available For PreOrder

One of the most premium Asus lines in the Android world is the “Transformer Prime” series. For a while now it has been known that Asus is planning to release an Asus Transformer Book that extends that

Rumor: Nokia’s Tablet will run on x86 processor, won’t be seen at MWC

For those that follow mobile technology, you probably already have February 25th through the 28th circled on your calendars. For the rest of you, that’s when Mobile World Congress takes place, one of the biggest events in

Microsoft Now Calling Surface Tablets By Shortened Names

While there is a lot to like about Windows 8 and the Surface line, I’m still not so sure about the boys behind the marketing. Don’t get me wrong, they’ve spent a good deal of cash on

Surface Pro Gets Taken Apart, Gets 1 Out of 10 Repairability Rating

One of the best things about a desktop computer is that they are easy to crack open and repair, or even upgrade. Changing out processors, RAM and hard drives is a piece of cake. The same can’t

Could an Xbox Surface Pro Tablet Be A Good Idea for Microsoft?

As far back as a I can remember, there has basically been two major types of gamers: PC gamer or console gamer– although there is certainly some overlap here. Within these groups are tons of subcategories like

Surface Pro Pressure Sensitivity Doesn’t Work with Photoshop CS6

So you’ve picked up the Surface Pro or are planning to do so, at least if you can find stock anywhere. Now what? Now it is about installing all your most important work (and play) legacy applications

Windows 8 Set for Steep Price Rise on January 31

Those sitting on the fence trying to decide whether to buy Windows 8 better watch out because the “limited time offer” for Windows 8 upgrade pricing is drawing to a close. Users of XP, Vista and Windows