Windows 8 RC Archive

The Windows 8 Release Preview will arrive in the first week of June 2012

Well folks, we have a confirmed date. Steven Sinofsky has announced that the Windows 8 Release Preview (yes that is the name) will come in the first week of June 2012. He made the initial announcement during an

The critical importance of the upcoming Windows 8 Release Candidate (RC)

There’s a certain level and type of energy associated with the development cycle of any Windows Operating System. With Windows Vista, it was this deluge and outpouring of negative energy regarding the OS. The beta was awful

Work has begun on the Windows 8 Release Candidate

The mega leaker Canouna has preliminary details about the Windows 8 Release Candidate. The Windows 8 Release Candidate is the next version of Windows 8 that is scheduled to be completed after the Windows 8 Consumer Preview.