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Upgrade from Windows 8 Release Preview – keep your apps and settings, too

When it comes to using pre-release versions of Windows 8, there is one major disadvantage: no full upgrade path. While performing a clean install is usually the most effective path, it is also the most tedious. Overriding

Microsoft confirms Windows 8 RTM upgrade path from Windows 8 Release Preview

In what can be described as a pretty stunning move, Microsoft are allowing beta testers (millions of them) to upgrade to the final version of Windows 8 for $40. Computerworld has confirmed the upgrade offer with Microsoft officials who said

The Windows 8 Release Preview freezing bug and it’s workaround

Have you installed Windows 8 Release Preview and are tired of it’s freezing every now and then? Then you are at the right place. A few days ago, Winsupersite reported the Windows 8 Release Preview freezing bug

Power DVD Metro App coming to Windows 8

Lenovo showcased their Thinkpad tablet a few days back. The tablet looked awesome but there was one more thing which caught my attention . When I saw the start screen of Windows 8 running on that tablet,

Guide: Adding your email account in Mail App in Windows 8 – Video

Sending and recieving mail is something almost every PC user does. So, with Windows 8, Microsoft shipped a mail app which could make managing your emails easier. The Mail app has been designed to be fast, fluid and immersive. It

Using VirtualBox To Install Windows 8 Release Preview

When it comes to previews of operating systems, many of us love to see what has changed and what hasn’t. At the same time, not everyone accesses these previews the same way. For people like myself, I

Installation Issues And Bugs In Windows 8 Release Preview

When I first started up Windows 8 Release Preview for the first time it seemed to install right, but within 24-hours it locked up to a point I had to re-install. I have researched this problem and

A Look At Just Some Differences Between Windows 8 Release Preview And Consumer Preview

Windows 8 Release Preview is finally here, and so far it seems about the same as what we saw at the Consumer Preview stage. Is that a good or bad thing? That really will depend on what

Windows 8 Final Review Part 6 – My Summary and Conclusions

So, the previous articles have contained a lot of information. Windows 8 is somewhat of an enigma. Some bloggers think that Microsoft is trying to sell this OS directly to consumers and really doesn’t care about businesses.

Windows 8 Final Review Part 5 – What Microsoft got wrong in Windows 8 – The Usual Suspects

What are the Windows 8 problems I call the usual suspects? This is the easy part, it’s all the stuff we all complained about before. – Usability It’s jarring to go back and forth between Metro and